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The overview timeline below illustrates my SEM optimization over the course of a year.


Under my management of approximately $1.67 million, performance has been excellent. I've achieved a significant increase in Avg. Position & total conversions while simultaneously lowering Avg. CPC


October 2017 to January 2019


- Decreased Avg. CPC from $4.68 to $1.81 (-61.32%)

- Increased Avg. Position from 1.8 to 1.0 (+44.4%)

- Increased monthly conversion volume from 1,004 to 5,063


My Campaign Strategy

  • Search Impression Share % is one of the most important metrics when evaluating performance at the campaign level. SIS % is essentially "market share" in the sense that you're able to identify competitors that are bidding on similar search queries. I aim to capture approximately 75% Search Impression Share for each campaign.

  • I ensure high Search Impression Share % by analyzing SIS Lost to Rank & SIS lost to Budget. When SIS is being lost to budget I consider options such tightening the target location radius, isolating the most effective ad schedule hours, targeting only demographics with high conversion rates, or raising max. CPC bids for my most important keywords. When SIS is being lost to rank I consider options such as revising my ad text to include a specific/detailed offering, selecting a more relevant landing page, refining my keyword list to include only long-tail/exact keywords.

My Keyword Strategy 

  • Quality Score is one of the most important metrics when evaluating performance at the keyword level. QS is essentially "relevance rank" relative to the user's search query. I aim to get a ranking of 8-10 for each keyword. 

  • I ensure high Quality Scores by being understanding the importance of cohesion amongst keywords, ad text, and landing pages. +Modified +Broad +Match, "Phrase Match", and [Exact Match] keywords all have unique benefits. I developed 5/7/3 rule when selecting my keyword [5 Exact Match] " 7 Phrase Match" +3 +Broad +Match.

  • This match type ratio allows the campaign to achieve my "3 R's" ... Reach, Regulation, and Relevance

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